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  • Fresh Start Coalition was founded by the late Thetch "Seth" McKinnie in April 2004; he served as President until his death in August 2016.  Mr. McKinnie had struggled with substance abuse for more than 30 years and was passionate about preventing others (especially youth) from being trapped in similar circumstances.  While sitting in a jail cell, he was given the vision for "Fresh Start".  Immediately upon his release, he started to bring community leaders, public officials, pastors and law enforcement together to form this Coaliton. Fresh Start's purpose is to develop strategies to reduce drug related problems in communities through education, prevention and intervention.


Referrals for drug treatment (outpatient and residential). Referrals to local agencies for employability skills, shelters, child care and mental health counseling. Support special events that provide safe, supervised activites for youth. Voter registration.

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